Dangerous bacteria: recall campaign for finding Listeria in different types of salmon

These Swiss salmon products are contaminated with listeria

Ospelt food GmbH recently launched an extensive recall of numerous salmon products. As the manufacturer reports, disease-causing listeria bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes) were found in several articles, which can trigger the dangerous infectious disease listeriosis.

The products were mainly sold in the Swiss supermarket chains Migros, Migrolino and Coop. In addition to Switzerland, border residents in Germany and holidaymakers in Switzerland could also be affected. Listeria can cause flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting. Pregnant women, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system are at risk of serious illnesses. Anyone who shows these symptoms after eating should immediately consult a doctor and point out the Listeria.

These products are affected by Migros and Migrolino

The supermarket chains Migros and Migrolino do not ask their customers to consume the following salmon products, but to bring them back to the point of sale regardless of the expiration date. The articles are affected:

  • Smoked salmon farm cut 250 grams, article number: 251363000000
  • Atlantic spiced salmon 100 grams, article number: 251362100000
  • Organic Norwegian salmon tartare with Vinaigr herbs. 110 grams, article number: 251364240000
  • Scottish smoked salmon 100 grams, article number: 251361100000
  • Smoked salmon cuts 180 grams, article number: 251360400000
  • Selection Norwegian Graved Salmon 100 grams, article number: 251362210000
  • ASC smoked salmon cubes with mountain herbs 80 grams, article number: 251360103200
  • ASC Norwegian smoked salmon 75 grams, article number: 251360103100
  • Atlantic salmon trout 90 grams, article number: 251366300000
  • Migros organic smoked salmon 100 grams, article number: 251361300000
  • Organic Norwegian Lime Smoked Salmon 100 grams, item number: 251361300100
  • Organic Norwegian back fillet hearty 130 grams, item number: 251364700000
  • Pacific wild salmon Coho MSC 100 grams, item number: 251363770000
  • MSC wild salmon with dill and lemon 100 grams, item number: 251362220000
  • MSC wild salmon sockeye cut 100 grams, item number: 251363200000
  • Organic smoked salmon with Swiss herbs 100 grams, article number: 251361700000

At Coop, these products are affected

The Coop supermarket chain also sells the affected salmon products, but under a different name. In addition, some sushi items are also affected here. Here, too, all products are recalled regardless of expiration dates. The salmon articles are affected:

  • Coop Naturaplan Bio Mövenpick salmon fillet smoked approx. 110 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix MSC wild salmon tartare smoked with sauce approx. 100 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix Salmon smoked Scotland 120 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix smoked salmon strips 180 grams
  • Prix ​​guarantee smoked salmon Norway 200 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix toasted salmon 100 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix Salmon Smoked Norway 200 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix ASC Salmon smoked Norway Lemon / Pepper 100 grams
  • Coop Naturaplan Organic Salmon Smoked Vanilla 100 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix MSC Wild Salmon Sockeye smoked 250 grams
  • Coop Qualité & Prix MSC Wild Salmon Sockeye smoked 100 grams
  • Fine Food MSC Wild Salmon Kenai smoked 100 grams
  • Mövenpick MSC Wild Salmon Coho smoked 120 grams
  • Mövenpick MSC wild salmon tartare smoked with sauce 130 grams
  • Mövenpick Salmon Smoked Iceland 90 grams

As well as the sushi products:

  • ZENBU Small Uramaki (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Salmon (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Gozen (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Maki Mix (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Salmon Poké (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Uramaki Mix (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Maru Maki (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Nigiri Small (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Nigiri Large (Sushi)
  • ZENBU Nigiri & Small Uramaki (Sushi)


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