Experience report: HostPress is our WordPress host for more growth

Heilpraxis provides more than 20 million visitors with health-related articles every month. It is important for us not only that we always provide reliable information, but also that we are always available to readers. To guarantee this and to be a reliable contact point for people, we need a powerful WordPress hoster.

Last year we decided to switch to HostPress due to the growing number of visitors to our site. HostPress is a web host that specializes entirely in WordPress. In this post, we would like to explain briefly why we chose HostPress and share our experiences.

That is why the right WordPress host is so important for medical practice

WordPress is the technical basis on which we practice healing. For us, the system offers the possibility to create new posts quickly and clearly and to manage our website centrally and easily. However, that is only half the battle for operating our portal. Without secure and reliable web hosting, our readers would not be able to access our articles.

Another important point, which is also influenced by the hoster, is the loading time. We want to make the information available as soon as possible. High bounce rates due to long loading times would also pose a major economic problem for us in the long term, as this would negatively affect our positioning in Google's search results.

So last year we were looking for a web host that met the following requirements:

  • Easy accessibility even with heavy traffic
  • Short loading times
  • Guarantee a high availability of our site
  • Specialization in WordPress

With HostPress we found exactly this WordPress hoster.

Our experience with HostPress - This is how we have been supported

HostPress is - as the name suggests - specialized in hosting WordPress-based websites. In addition to the extensive advice, we were impressed by the services right from the start.

Assistance with the move: The move of our domain was no problem with HostPress. We were supported in the migration at no additional cost. A performance optimization was also carried out right away - at no extra charge.

Support: If you have any questions or problems, the support from HostPress is always available to us.

Specialized in WordPress: Since we use WordPress, it is particularly practical for us to have a host who is familiar with all the peculiarities of this content management system and can always provide us with specific support in the event of an emergency.

A lot of traffic is not a problem: Even with more than 20 million page views per month, there has been no problem with HostPress so far. Our traffic to is thus expandable and we can grow effectively or reach even more readers in the future.

Extremely improved loading time: Long loading times caused us problems with our previous host. So far there have been no problems with HostPress, the loading times have been greatly reduced. This is not only a great result for our readers, but also for us, since the loading time is an important ranking factor for search engines like Google.

High availability: The availability of our website with HostPress has been more than 99.9% every month since we changed in July 2018. It doesn't get any better for us!

With an extensive website and workloads of up to around 1.5 million page views per day, we place high demands on our host - and HostPress fulfills these requirements.

We can highly recommend HostPress

We can only warmly recommend HostPress to anyone looking for a web host that offers extensive service and strong performance. With us, good hosting is also part of economic success and here HostPress is a secure basis that we appreciate. (PM)

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